The Merrill's!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Sister in Law a.k.a Aunt Queenie & Uncle Jam get married

My UNSMILING hubby and I:

The beautiful RING BEARER & his Mamma:


Mike's cousin Tony & Mikey:

My mother in law, Mason & the beautiful BRIDE:


Mason & Jeffrey Dutcher:

Our little happy family:

Mason & his best friend Jaylee(THE BEAUTIFUL FLOWER GIRL):

Mr. Ring Bearer getting ready:
On June 26th Mike's sister Kristen, my beautiful sister in law finally married her boyfriend of many years! His name is Jeffrey Dutcher! Mike got to walk his sister down the isle with his mom, Mason got to be the ring bearer and I was a bridesmaid. It was a gorgeous wedding and Mike's sister did a wonderful job planning it! She also picked out a great husband and we are so happy for them both!

A day fishing and a to the zoo





We took Mason fishing for his first time. At first he was excited and couldn't wait to go. However when we got there he was only excited to throw rocks! He lasted about 15 minutes and then he didn't care to fish anymore…typical 4 year old.

Then we took him out with our close friends for a day at the Zoo. We hadn't taken him to the zoo in a couple years…Actually the last time we went was in 2007, exactly a year before I got sober! So Mike wanted to forget that trip for the rest of his life and only remember any trips after that. HA HA! Thanks Mike….but we had a blast with Lindsay, Jake, Kaysen, Payton and Kiyah. Although I do have to say that our zoo looks HORRIBLE! They really need to work on that place...

Mason turns 4





Wow, where has 4 years gone? Mason is an amazing 4 year old little boy. He is smart, funny and TOTALLY DRAMATIC! He is just like his mamma. Mason still spends each day with his Grandma and he loves every minute of it. This fall he will start soccer and he can't wait to kick the ball, win the game, get a trophy and as he also says, kick the other kids. Don't worry, we won't let him kick anybody on purpose! He is the best little boy and we love him dearly!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Heidi's Baby Shower

On May 1st we had a baby shower for soon to be parents Heidi(whitley) and Ron Butler. They are due to welcome their baby boy into this world on May 21st. They have waited a long time for this miracle to come along and we are all so excited for them!! It was a great shower shared with a couple GORGEOUS old faces I hadn’t seen in years. It was fun catching up with everyone and celebrating with Heidi & Ron. We took bets on when baby boy Butler will be born, I’m shooting for May 19!! Love ya Heidi and Ron.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Mason's 1st Bike Ride

My mom got Mason his first bike for Christmas!! Well needless to say, he still needs to learn a lot of coordination in order to ride it. He sure looked cute on it, but he couldn't figure out how to push the peddles hard enough to make go, go, go. But again, he looked cute on it and loves it!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Dinosaur Park

The weekend after Easter Mike, his friends and his family all went to the Sand Dunes which left Mason and I home alone. The reason we were left behind is probably pretty obvious for most who know me! I used to love the sand dunes, but for all the wrong reasons! I didn't go to ride, I went to drink and party!! Well since I don't do either of those anymore, we figure it's best that I don't go on those trips anymore. And as long as we can protect Mason from being around drinking because alcoholism is so prominant in the family, then we will keep him away from it until he is old enough to understand! I was not a good mom prior to getting sober. I mean, yes I did my motherly duties, but alcohol always took priority!! But not anymore! So it was very nice to spend some one on one time with Mason. These are the little things that I didn't do before...and it's the little things in life that matter the most! I LOVE MY LITTLE MAN!!

Easter 2010

Mason had a blast this Easter! We kept Easter a lot more simple than we have in the past. We figure that he doesn't need to be SPOILED every single holiday!! And he didn't even know the difference, he loved it anyways! We QUICKLY colored some eggs, which of course he loved doing. Then Easter morning he woke up to his baskets and all he could say was "mom, this is so amazing". Ha ha, his vocabulary is getting funnier by the day. Then after he got what the Easter bunny brought him, it was off to church. That day at church he got to learn about Jesus Christ, he came home and told me all about Jesus, the cross and then he went on to tell me how Jesus had thorns on his head with lots of blood everywhere....Um, I am positive his teachers at church didn't tell him that, but looks like the kid has got a good imagination and figured out what happens when there are thorns on your head!!